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Our Signal Generators & Counters can be found under three different classifications:

  1. Arbitrary/Function/Pulse Generators
  2. RF Signal Generators
  3. Frequency Counters

Signal - also known as Function or Waveform – Generators are used in applications such as Test and Measurement, System Monitoring, and Maintenance & Repair. Application environments include Aerospace, Automotive, Avionics, Communications & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Instrumentation, Power Management, and RF Communications.

Generators come with software packages such as Tektronix’ ArbBuilder for arbitrary waveform creation and edit, with no need for a PC, or Keysight Technologies’ BenchVue software, which makes it simple to connect and control instruments, and automate test sequences.

RF Signal Generators are used in applications such as Sensing & Instrumentation, Signal Processing, Test & Measurement, in environments like R&D, manufacturing, education, and service maintenance.

Our range of Frequency Counters and Timers variously cover a spectrum from 0.001Hz to 6GHz, with 8.5, 10, 12, or 14 digit resolution. Period measurement can also be provided, and high impedance measurements are possible over some frequencies. Input sensitivity is typically between 14mVrms and 25mVrms.

Calibration Services are available for some products within all the above categories.