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Engineering Teaching Solutions

Teachers who care about students experiencing real-world applications choose Digilent and NI.

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Digilent Engineering Teaching solutions

Meet Digilent

Digilent, an NI company, is joining NI as a professors’, teachers’, and academic researchers’ one-stop-shop for all engineering hardware and software needs. Digilent’s mission has always been—and still is—to make engineering technologies understandable and accessible to all.

Built on Industry Standards

Using Digilent and NI, for both software and hardware, equips students for
real-world roles and applications.

Engaging and Hands-on Learning

Bringing theory and textbook learning into the real-world with hands-on labs and personal project use.

Higher Student Success Rates

Students who use Digilent and NI tools benefit from higher graduation and hiring rates than those who don’t.

Versatile Coding Platforms

From application software to text-based coding, students can learn how to control hardware with LabVIEW, Python, and more.

Engineering Topics paired with Digilent Hardware Solutions

Use Digilent hardware in conjunction with compatible software and curriculum ideas to up-level your students’ learning.

Digilent Analog Discovery 3Digilent ServicesDigilent Discovery Pro 5000 seriesDigilent Basys 3Digilent ServicesDigilent ServicesDigilent Services

Class Topics

Analog Discovery 3

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope and more

Analog Discovery Studio

Circuits lab for every student

Analog Discovery Pro 5000 Series

All-in-one, high speed, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, DMM, and power supply

Basys 3

FPGA trainer board for introductory users

Nexys A7

FPGA trainer board for ECE curriculum

Zybo Z7

Zynq-7000 ARM/FPGA SoC development board


Software Defined Radio

Computer ArchitectureXXXX

Academic Software Options

Multisim Live

Fully browser-based circuit simulation. Test the behavior of a circuit, demonstrate the application of a design, or illustrate concepts to students. Environment powered by industry-standard SPICE for visualizing circuit behavior.

The Basic edition is free. Upgrade to Standard or Premium for extended support and needs.

Contact element14

Contact element14 for more information on NI Academic licenses and product discounts.


Academic Software List

NI Academic Individual License

Get individual computer/user NI software licenses for teaching and research. Get popular NI academic software including LabVIEW, toolkits, FlexLogger, and more.

NI Academic Volume License

Access all NI academic software for multiple computers/users. Added benefits include access to on-demand training, dedicated training credits for instructors, and certifications.

Recommended for institutes with more than 5 individual licenses.

Other Digilent and NI Industry Equipment for the Classroom or Projects

Digilent and NI have a wider portfolio of hardware used in industrial applications such as verification, validation, and manufacturing tests. Use these in sensor measurements and higher-level engineering courses. Build your courseware and allow students to use industry-standard equipment.


NI CompactDAQ

Build and expand your hardware the way you want for your courses. Purchase a 1-to 4-slot CompactDAQ chassis and choose from 60+ sensor and signal measurement modules with built-in signal conditioning. Academic discounts are available for select CompactDAQ Chassis and C Series Modules with the software Academic Volume License. Contact element14 for specifics.

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